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Excerpts from:
Stu News and KX 93.5 Forum: Part One
As published on October 9, 2018

Candidates Jorg Dubin, Judie Mancuso, Peter Blake, Toni Iseman, Sue Kempf, Allison Mathews, Cheryl Kinsman, Paul Merritt, Lorene Laguna, and Ann Christoph were given anywhere from 15 seconds to two minutes to answer questions at the Stu News/KX 93.5 Forum. The forum was broadcast on the local station and posted on the Stu News Facebook page. For those who missed it, here is Part One.

Paint a picture of your vision of Laguna over the next five to 10 years. (1 minute)
Kinsman: “I will do everything in my power to reverse the decision that’s been made on the $11 million paving job...there should be parking structures against the hillside, there should be bathrooms. And the digester will be moved. I know it’s on the historic register but it can be moved. I’ve been to Egypt and they moved the Temple of Ramses up. They can move that digester.”

We all know we have an affordable housing crisis here in Laguna, especially for our artists, seniors, and emerging youth. If elected, what specifically, if anything, will you do to create more affordable housing?
Kinsman: She said one of her clients built Hagan House and there are other places that would be affordable just like that.
“There’s a building next to Whole Foods. There are some properties around town that can be converted, I can think of some motels that are really not in the best of shape. So creative, good private and public money can be used. I don’t know about the work part, but the live part I think we can do.

What, if anything, are three things you would do about the problem with homelessness in Laguna Beach? (2 minutes)
Kinsman: “The first thing, we need more boots on the ground, we need police to patrol Heisler Park, Main Beach, downtown.
“Number two, we can work with the hospital because the hospital has a three-day hold for mental health patients. I have personally seen a hospital employee wheeling a wheelchair all the way down the highway and leaving this person at the bus bench. Those people need to be transported back to the cities or wherever they came from, they should not be left in Laguna Beach.
“And third, we need to work with the federal Judge David Carter, who is trying to get other cities to do similar things to what we’re doing, because the burden right now is way too high on Laguna Beach.”

RAPID FIRE ROUND 1 (15 seconds each)

Do you support making Forest Avenue pedestrian traffic only?
Kinsman: “Only for certain events like Christmas.”

Question 2. Do you support parking meters on South Laguna streets, assuming we’re able to pull off neighborhood parking zones?
Kinsman: No

Are you in favor or opposed to Caltrans’ road widening proposal for Laguna Canyon Road?
Kinsman: “I really don’t support anything that Caltrans is doing.”

Name some nonprofits that you have supported in the last year.
Kinsman: “I’ve been the treasurer of the Laguna Plein Air Association for the last 10 years.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least voluntary and 10 being the most voluntary, how voluntary do you feel the city’s historic resource inventory should be?
Kinsman: “Absolutely the most voluntary that it can legally be.”

What is the number one issue facing the city of Laguna Beach right now?
Kinsman: “The number one issue is money. It’s the taxpayers’ money and how [it is] used.”

Stu News and KX 93.5 Forum: Part One